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Cybercrime has been increased because More people are attracted towards social media and cybercriminals got a hunting place to trap people. School childrens,womens are more targeted by these criminals and now more people are realising that their friend on social may  not actually be their friend. Social media contains a rich amount of valuable personal data, which are in the bullseye of hackers’ interests.Social Media

Facebook founder account itself was not secured when its account was hacked twice in 2011.Another big example is there when linkedin was also hacked twice,last one in 2016.As these sites where we believe to give our personal information and if these are hacked,so what misuse these cyber criminals can do with these information,we can’t  even imagine.Similar story happened in london where fake social media profiles send malware named PupyRAT to employees via social media and hacked all employees devices.

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It just we can’t think what cyber criminals can do at social media,We can just take steps to protect yourself on these sites and firstly its is not like to stop using it,it just to be aware about the effective ways to secure social media.

Activate two-factor authentication

According to need the effective way for safety of social accounts is two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication means the users have  to input a verification code sent directly to their mobile phone through SMS text message on a the number given by users and they have to  login with the correct username and password.

Have a strong and Different passwords on different social media accounts

This is best step you can take to secure your accounts by having a strong passwords with the use of different characters,alphabets as hackers found it difficult to crack it .As most people use same passwords for all accounts and it become easy to hack all accounts.

Check website before filing login details-

Many fake websites are made by the cyber criminals with same details and style and people fill their login credentials into and got hacked.Before filling your login credentials check the url of the website always,if you found spamming don’t login.

Use a unique email for social media

Always use different emails for social media and business use. As your accounts is  been hacked,the attackers won’t get ur business related information from the social media emails.So it’s better to have different emails.

Change passwords within a week and verify with links sent to email

As regularly changing passwords also secures your account and also verify your accounts by the links sent by the social media like facebook,twitter etc for security reasons.

But still if you faced any problems or become a victim of cyber crime.You don’t need to worry ,As Indian cyber army a non profit organization working for 6 years to help people against cyber crime.

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Cybercrime is a criminal activity that involves computer and the Internet. It is an offense which is done with a purpose to affect any person or association or country to damage him financially or mentally.Some of the common cyber crimes are Email Spoofing, Online Transactions Frauds, Data theft, Hacking, Malware, hacking,virus-attack etc.

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Read more:-Cyber crime helpline number +91-99 6860 0000 | Indian Cyber Army

As the use of smartphones and high-speed internet has been increased in the last few years ,the social relations, online transactions, communications etc have also been increased.As more people are using the internet, cybercrime has also been increased like business email frauds, social media harassment, identity thefts, pornography.More people are prone to these cyber crimes,major reason is less awareness among people and fear of what would happen, whom to consult which result in cyberbullying and common citizens easily come in confidence of cybercriminals.These days cybercriminals are targeting girls, young children and harassing them because of the less awareness among them of cyber threats.

Indian cyber army is an Association of Ethical Hackers & RESOURCE CENTER for National Police Agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders along with Individuals working for 6 years on a single objective to make cybercrime free India.For this Indian cyber army has taken a step by creating awareness among citizens through websites, blogs, campaigns about cyber crime-related issues and giving assurity one day India will be cybercrime free country.For this you have to help us by whosoever faces any cyber crime-related issues, you don’t need to worry just contact Indian cyber army.

Indian cyber Army has started its cyber crime helpline number-+9968600000 .You can go through our website, blogs, pages and spread the awareness among other people more and it is your responsibility first to take a step against it and Indian cyber army assures you your problem will be solved.